LPS Social Network

As The Liberia Philanthropy Secretariat approaches five years of contributing to the advancement of Liberia, the program team members are thinking up new ways to keep your philanthropy impactful. 

You can now find us at liberiaphilanthropy.org. Our new site still boasts on-the-ground information that matters to you, extensive and resourceful documents from the Government of Liberia and books & films to better your understanding of the Lone Star nation. 

We have a new user friendly layout, What We Do section and frequently updated content which is sure to be a resource for you as you begin to join us in the rebuilding of Liberia. 

LPS is also on Twitter and Facebook and actively involved in the social conversation. We’ll be tweeting breaking news from Liberia, posting images from conferences and scouring the net for all things Liberia that are important to your efforts. Follow & friend us to discuss philanthropy, entrepreneurship, development and much more. 

What else is LPS up to in the office of the President? Well, we’re hard at work planning our 6th Annual Liberia Foundations Meeting. In 2007 the LPS was formed out the desire to join the efforts of the philanthropic community and the Government of Liberia. 

Since then we have hosted a plethora of philanthropists visits resulting in active projects in Liberia, we have seen 15 first time grants make a difference and have obtained fiscal sponsorship from a US 501(C)3 organization in order to enable Liberian NGOs to receive direct funding from US based foundations.

We are beyond excited that our first of its kind program facilitated these advancements and many more for the country.

The Liberia Philanthropy Secretariat’s Annual Liberia Foundations Meeting can be credited for many of those advancements via its contribution to ensuring continued interest in Liberia. 

This September our meeting will be held in New York City and hosted by Humanity United. Our focus is on entrepreneurship and how it will affect Liberia’s growth towards a middle income economy in the upcoming years. 

We look forward to seeing you there, here on liberiaphilanthropy.org and our social networks.  


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