Humanity United and The Tony Elumelu Foundation are shining examples of the committed partners that are needed to strengthen Liberia’s capacity and emerge from this outbreak with a united vision for Liberia’s future.  The Liberia Philanthropy Secretariat (LPS) has been working with foundations over the years to build partnerships with Liberian organizations and is grateful to all of its partners who have risen to address our urgent needs to fight Ebola.

To Date, LPS has helped facilitate large grants made by Humanity United to organizations in the fight against Ebola.  Pam Omidyar, good friend of President Sirleaf and co-owner of Ebay, and Randy Newcomb, Executive Director of Humanity United, reaffirm their dedication to Liberia in a letter to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf:

“We share your great faith in Liberia’s resilience.  It is with this faith that we have supported the growth and re-development of Liberia since 2007.  And now, as your country deals with this devastating attack, we stand with you and with all of your Liberian friends in the struggle to face this disease, overcome it and rebuild.”

Humanity United has been involved in Liberia since 2007, and has worked on issues ranging from capacity building for civil society to economic development and natural resource management.  They have donated over $12 million worth of grants to organizations and civil society working in Liberia.  President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s letter to Humanity United acknowledges the importance of the long term commitment by Humanity United to Liberia. In her letter she states:

"Humanity united has been a true friend to Liberia.  You have supported us through the restoration of our peace and stability, rebuilding trust in our legal and justice system, and when it was time to focus on propelling our economy forward you joined us in our drive to support entrepreneurship and job creation and encouraged other foundations and philanthropists to do the same."

We are proud to have such committed partners to help drive Liberia’s recovery and are encouraged by the commitment of African organizations, like The Tony Elumelu Foundation. They recently committed $400,000 to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s Ebola response effort.

The Liberia Philanthropy Secretariat supports President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s  statements about needing to begin the planning of post-Ebola economic revitalization and the important role that financial institutions and international organizations will play in bolstering the agriculture and macro-finance sectors. LPS is proud that our mission to engage philanthropists in Liberia has helped bring organizations like Tony Elumelu Foundation(TEF) and the United Bank for Africa(UBA) together to overcome this outbreak. TEF is founded by Tony Elumelu, African millionaire with an estimated net worth of $400million USD, the Managing Director of UBA, and an active philanthropist who supports business development and entrepreneurship in Africa. Their donation to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s Ebola Response showcases the importance of support from African based institutions, and their prominent roles in the future of the country.

The support of all these organizations has been vital in fighting the Ebola epidemic and their visions for the future of Liberia post-epidemic inspire us to continue our work.  We hope that you will join us in sharing your ideas for Liberia’s future on twitter.  @LIBPhilanthropy and keeping up to date with what’s happening through our website.


AuthorLiberia Philanthropy Secretariat