President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf spent two days this October visiting community leaders and health care workers in Lofa County assessing the Ebola situation in the country.  During her meetings with health care workers she encouraged them to maintain their commitment to their jobs and expressed gratitude for all the work they were doing.  She made stops at several health clinics and hospitals during her tour where she donated Personnel Protective Equipment (PPEs) and food items to health care workers in order to show appreciation for their services. 

As part of the President’s visit through Lofa county data was collected about survivors and children that were affected.  In total they received a list of 109 survivors, the youngest of which was a baby girl not yet 6 months old and the oldest being 100.  The median age of survivors in Lofa was 29.

The logs of affected children are sorted by household, which helps to show the transmission patterns within families.  There is no data on how many children out of each household became infected with Ebola, but you can see that under a single household as many as 6 children are listed as infected.  As of October there were 436 children listed as having been infected in Lofa County. 

These families have had a terrible burden on them the last 8 months as the people in Lofa have struggled to contain the spread of Ebola while taking care of their ill loved ones.  The President’s visit to Lofa helped to bolster moral and encourage people to continue their collaboration with organizations in fighting Ebola while bringing hope that this struggle is almost over.

From the information the President received during her visit, to the numbers we are seeing in the chart to the left from WHO.  There is rising hope that the worst is behind us.

AuthorLiberia Philanthropy Secretariat