At civil society level, many organizations in Liberia are carrying out the same or similar activities in response to the Ebola crisis.  Most are involved in awareness and outreach: distribution of ‘Ebola buckets’ for washing, chlorine and other sanitation materials, while others donates food to communities.

As a people used to resourceful living, it is no surprise that that Liberia’s civil society organizations are developing new and innovative approaches to tackling the Ebola outbreak.  For example, one organization is preparing to implement a project in which they provide food to Ebola survivors in exchange for their blood.  The blood is in turn used to save other Ebola victims, as suggested by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) working with the National CSO Council.  The Council has established a CSO Ebola Task Force with funding from the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA) Emergency Grant, the CSO Ebola Task Force carry out information dissemination in the print and electronic media, as well as providing rice and chlorine to quarantine communities. 

The “Situation Room” is an evolving CSO concept that will monitor the overall national Ebola response mechanism, and would include monitoring of the Ebola call center and the reopening of health facilities.

LPS welcomes enquiries from our philanthropic partners on various initiatives on the ground.

AuthorLiberia Philanthropy Secretariat