LPS is working with extraordinary students to distribute chlorine kits and educate the community on Ebola prevention, detection and care, and to make a documentary of life in Liberia under the epidemic. 

In teams, the students go house-to-house, into markets, villages and university campuses in Monrovia where they have reached over 4,500 people in just a few weeks!  Like town criers, the students also use actors and drummers to portray stories of Ebola survivors and how to care for those infected.

In addition to sponsoring the chlorine kits, we are also proud to sponsor the video and photo cameras, external drive and SD cards for the documentary project.  We look forward to being able to share with you a series of short clips of peoples thoughts on Ebola filmed during the teams community awareness visits, and also a short film based on true stories of people affected by the virus.

AuthorLiberia Philanthropy Secretariat