Humanity United's Focus Areas: Civil Society Strengthening, Rule of Law, Private Sector Development, Capacity Building

Humanity United's Involvement:  Humanity United is an independent philanthropy committed to building a world where mass atrocities and modern-day slavery are no longer possible. By helping to build permanent constituencies to end atrocities and slavery, supporting efforts that empower affected communities, and addressing the root causes of conflict and injustice, Humanity United seeks to help restore human dignity in places where it has been lost and to help create a lasting global peace.

We believe Liberia is in the midst of a profound political, economic, and cultural transformation, following decades of civil war and unrest—emerging as a beacon of hope and a model for successful development in West Africa. Humanity United has supported Liberia’s transformation since 2007, committing more than $6 million in grants related to building good governance, strengthening civil society and independent media, increasing rural access to justice, and promoting job creation.