Public transportation is a major challenge in the congested streets of Monrovia. The McCall MacBain Foundation is assisting the Monrovia Transit Authority (MTA) to rebuild Monrovia’s public transport system by providing 10 new buses as well as spare parts for maintenance. This project had a positive impact in the city by facilitating daily transport and enabling students to access schools more easily.

  • purchase 10-15 city style transit buses
  • design new itinerary for the buses
  • maintain buses
  • fix existing buses with spare parts• purchase spare parts to fix existing public buses
  • complete the rehabilitation and equipping of MTA garage
  • acquire a turn-key operation of 10-15 city style transit buses

Partners: McCall MacBain Foundation

Implementing Partners: Monrovia Transportation Authority (MTA)

Focus Areas: Transportation

Locations: Montserrado (Monrovia)