The ArcelorMittal Foundation's Focus Areas: Civil Society Strengthening, Health, Education, Private Sector Development, Energy and Environment

The ArcelorMittal Foundation's Involvement: The ArcelorMittal Foundation is a non-profit organisation, focused on formalizing and developing ArcelorMittal’s Social Responsibility towards the outside communities close to our Units, through the priority Areas of Activity of Education, Health & Safety and Social Promotion . The ArcelorMittal Foundation strives to ensure the economic wellbeing of these communities.

Our social strategy is to set up projects to maximise the potential of each community, respecting their specific needs and empowering local resources.

We promote entrepreneurship in the communities by helping people to develop their own talents. This is the surest way to enhance quality of life and to make a sustainable contribution to ongoing development.

ArcelorMittal is the largest private investor in Liberia with more than 1.5 billion planned investments over the years to come.

Our Liberian iron ore mining project represents an important part of our business strategy.

It is an opportunity to show how responsible and transparent business practices can benefit both the company and the host country, bringing about mutual understanding and trust, which in turn can further help to improve stability.

Since the start of construction operations in 2006, we have created much needed employment both directly and through contractors. Significant progress has already been made in rebuilding road, rail and township infrastructure. Currently work continues in developing plans to start mining operations in 2011.

ArcelorMittal Foundation is in charge of the social aspects of the Mineral Development Agreement signed by ArcelorMittal with the Government of Liberia. This Agreement includes:

  • 3 million US$ as annual contribution for socioeconomic development in in Nimba, Grand Bassa and Bong Counties
  • Rehabilitate & Manage hospitals and health facilities in Yekepa and Buchanan
  • Rehabilitate, upgrade and run primary and secondary schools in Yekepa and Buchanan
  • Support to Mining and Geology Institute of the University of Liberia
  • Rehabilitate & Build capacity of Liberia Vocational Training Centre in Yekepa