The McCall MacBain Foundation's Focus Areas: Civil Society Strengthening, Rule of Law, Capacity Building, Transportation, Health, Education, Gender / Women's Rights, Energy and Environment

The McCall MacBain Foundation's Involvement: The McCall MacBain Foundation (MMF) is a grant-making organization, established in Geneva in March 2007 by two Canadians, John and Marcy McCall MacBain.

The McCall MacBain Foundation aims to improve the welfare of humanity through focused grants in health, education and the environment in order to foster a sustainable, equitable and peaceful world.

The MMF has chosen Liberia as its first and only developing country to grant within Africa. We selected Liberia because of its acute post-conflict situation and desperate need and because of our confidence in President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s leadership. Our team felt that increasing donor presence and resources in Liberia would have an immediate and demonstrable impact and that Liberia has the potential to show exemplary progress and social welfare to other countries in the region.

Areas of focus in Liberia:

  • Maternal Health, Mental Health
  • Adult Literacy, Training of Health Workers, Teacher Training
  • Forestry Conservation, Environmental Policy
  • Capacity Building and Governance

Strategic Approach in Liberia:

  • To work in collaboration with local authorities and in keeping with national strategies
  • To invest in programs with long-term visions for positive impact
  • To seek leverage and efficient spending
  • To increase local capacity
  • To increase equitable distribution of services (geographical, gender, etc.)