TrustAfrica's Focus Areas: Civil Society Strengthening, Capacity Building, Human Rights, Education

TrustAfrica's Involvement:  TrustAfrica’s core initiative in Liberia is a partnership with Humanity United to strengthen top Liberian civil society groups engaged in governance monitoring, community empowerment and independent media.

To date, TrustAfrica has made 9 grants to local Liberian NGOs as part of this initiative, these grants include:

  • Support for the Liberia Media Center (LMC) to train journalists on how to report on the Lift Liberia PRS;
  • Assistance to Liberia Democracy Watch (LDW) to convene regional dialogues on the PRS aimed at enhancing Liberian participation in PRS implementation and monitoring;
  • Support to the United Muslim Women to strengthen adult literacy and leadership development;
  • Grant to FOHRD to improve the organization’s budget literacy and expenditures monitoring